Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outbrain – Rating & Recommendation Widget

The outbrain widget is a simple yet powerful ratings & recommendations tool that blends seamlessly into any blog design, inheriting your own look and feel. The widget includes an interactive 5-star rater, and personalized recommended links from your blog as well as others.

User ratings are one of the best ways to get instant feedback from your readers. A simple click of the mouse and Voila! - their opinion is counted. The widget also displays the average rating and number of users who rated the post.

The widget works with a personalization algorithm, which tries to compute a unique Personalized Relevancy Score for each reader, and for every item that is viewed. If the widget has enough data, the reader will see a message indicating how relevant this post may be. The algorithm is mostly based on a reader's rating history so... the more ratings that are cast, the more content can be personalized for each reader.

Installation takes minimal effort and does not require any registration. A few clicks and you are done. The widget supports TypePad, Blogger, Wordpress (installed), Drupal, and custom Javascript for your site.

Widget features -

  • Blends into your blog design - It's your blog, and your content ratings, and there is no reason for it to look any different. All outbrain blog widgets inherit the hosting site's styling properties.
    Here are two examples:
  • No marketing crap - You won't see an outbrain logo or marketing language such as "Powered by outbrain" on the widget itself.

1 comment:

  1. I use it a lot, but lately there are few people who click on the stars or add me.