Monday, August 24, 2009

PicTreat - Best Way to Retouch your Pics

Liven up your profile pictures by having them retouched by Pictreat. The Website automatically applies red eye correction, removes skin flaws like blemishes and spots, auto-correct colours and contrast to make sure you look perfect on all the social networking sites. Users can log in with their Facebook or Myspace ID, and also import albums from Facebook, Flickr or other URL’s. Moreover, you can download the retouched picture/photo on your computer or upload it to your social networking site’s profile. Registered user can also create their separate album and save it on the website itself. I have used this website and found the results quite impressive. The only downside is that the high resolution pictures when edited/retouched are converted to smaller size if you don’t have any free credit on the site.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

QuizBox – Personality Test, Love Tests, Riddles & Fun Quizzes has a very good collection of love tests, personality tests, compatibility tests, riddles, puzzles, horoscopes, jokes and fun quizzes for your personal enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. There are a whole lot of personality tests like ‘Get to know yourself better’, ‘What’s on your mind?’, ‘What is your working style?’ and many more. Here you can also get to know the hidden meaning in Names, Birth & your personality, sun sign & your personality etc. Moreover, here you can build your own quiz for your blog or website in just three steps with no programming skills required. It’s very easy and absolutely free!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gazup! Uploads your File to multiple file hosts

Gazup! is the leading website for social file mirroring online. By using this service you'll be able to upload files to multiple file hosts in one go thus saving you time and bandwidth. Simply upload a file and this site will rapidly mirror your file to 8 hosts, including RapidShare, MegaUpload, FileFactory, zShare and many more. They have unique features for both video and normal file formats, for example if you upload a video to our service they will automatically generate screenshots of the videos frames and display a presentation next to the download links. Their system is quite advanced as they have link checking, allow uploaders to "cure" dead mirrors and allow uploaders to customize mirror pages and much more.


Gazup! also pays you to upload. That's right, upload files and you'll get rewarded pure cash each month. You could easily make hundreds of dollars of side income each month. They have an awesome member service which is 100% free. Keep track of existing uploads (edit, reup, delete, etc). Get alerts when a mirror goes down, if someone comments on your file or when a mirror has finished uploading. View your rewards history and see how much cash you have made and much more.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

AddThis – A Bookmarking & Sharing Tool for Bloggers and Website Owners

AddThis is a very popular bookmarking and sharing tool on the Internet. It helps website publishers and bloggers spread their content across the web, by making it easy for visitors to bookmark and share content to their favorite social destinations. AddThis buttons can be found on hundreds of thousands of websites, and are currently viewed over 20 billion times a month by users all over the world, in over 20 languages.

You must have seen the following Addthis button on various websites and blogs:

What can you share with AddThis?

AddThis can be used to share just about anything, including:

  • Websites
  • Blogs (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Tumblr)
  • Email newsletters
  • MySpace profiles
  • Microsoft Office Live workspaces
  • Embedded content, such as videos
AddThis offers several different ways to share your content and lots of ways to customize, so you can get the sharing tool that's right for you.