Monday, May 26, 2008

Useful sites for Bloggers & Writers

The three websites that I recently researched are quite useful for all the bloggers and writers. All the three sites are actually a part of the same network and trust me all three could be extremely useful. The details of the sites are as follows:

1. Daily Writing Tips is for those who love writing. The site has articles and tips on variety of subjects relating to writing. All the articles are nicely categorized based on the topic it covers such as Business writing, Fiction writing, Freelance writing, Expressions, Grammar, Vocabulary, Punctuation, Spelling and many more. The site also has articles on book reviews and important tips on writing basics. What’s more it has a very useful resource with a Word of the Day section. In short, it’s a great resource for the aspiring writers.

2. Daily Blog Tips could be very useful resource for the bloggers. It’s all about blogging. Here you can find everything you ever wanted to know about blogging. It has various sections like Blogging Basics, Blog Design, Blog Projects and also important tips on writing content for your blog. It contains some very useful articles on important topics like Domain Names, SEO, and Web tools for the blog. It also provides tips through articles on how to monetize and promote your blog. This site could be an ideal bookmark for the serious bloggers.

3. Daily Bits provides important information and tips on various topics related to internet, computers and mobiles. It has various sections dedicated to Browsers, Internet, Media, Mobile, Online marketing, Online videos, Programming, Open source, Search Engines and lot more. The articles on all of the above topics are excellent and very useful. So this site seems to be extremely useful for all who use internet.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Personality Test Site

WWW.41Q.COM is an interesting site. It is actually a free personality test comprising 41 questions to know your personality type. The 41 Questions survey questionnaire is based on Myers-Briggs/Jung typology, which is a personality test designed to assist a person in identifying some significant personal preferences. Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers developed the indicator during World War II, and its criteria follow from Carl Jung's theories in his work 'Psychological Types'.

After giving the test, the results list out your personality type (in detail), ideal career options, as well as a graphical slider which gives you an indication of your personality. You can e-mail the results of your personality test to your friends and also provide link to your test results on your homepage/blog.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sites for Free Full Version PC games

If you are tired of downloading Trial version games on the net then I recently stumbled upon two sites which provide free full version PC games. is one site where you can find totally free full version PC games. There are lots of interesting games which are neatly organized in various categories such as Action, Arcade, Sports, Puzzle, Flying, Shooters, Racing and more. Some of the games like Chess Mafia, Free Billiards 2008, Bowling PC are really cool. Here you can also find GTA and GTA-2 in Action category. Moreover, you can play many free online games on this site. This is the site if you are looking for free downloadable games.

The other website that provides free full version PC games is . Here also you can find games categorized as Action, Arcade, Puzzles, Sport, Cards, Racing and many more. If you are still crazy about Mario then this is the site where you can download full version of ‘Super Mario Brothers’. Here you can also find the commercial games which are released as freeware and like many other game websites there are many online games too. There is a long list of free PC games where you can easily get the game of your choice. Moreover there are free games for Mac users also.