Saturday, July 18, 2009

Add Stylish Signature to your blog or E-mail

Using signatures is a simple and effective way to make e-mail messages, blogs and websites more stylish, underline their individuality and get the author's energy across. So, what can you say about animated signatures that give the real impression that the author is signing right in front the reader's eyes?

MyLiveSignature offers you everything necessary to create both static and animated signatures and add them to your email messages, to blogs, to your posts on forums and on websites.

There are three ways to get your signature on the site.

1. Imitate your signature yourself using step-by-step signature creation wizard.

2. Imitate your signature yourself using the on screen signature draw widget.

3. Write your signature with a pencil, pen or a felt-tip pen on a sheet of paper, scan the sheet and let the designers create the signature by sending the scanned image via a special form.


  1. Wow...this is really very beautiful to see your blog....!

  2. I always wanted to add a beautiful signatures to my blog.But the major issue was to create one rather then how to add them.There are several blogs telling about how to add but I was searching for one to help me create them.Thanks