Monday, May 25, 2009

Adgitize: A very Essential Advertising tool for Bloggers

Adgitize your web site.

Adgitize is an advertising platform for bloggers. It is quite similar to Entrecard. You earn points by doing a variety of things relating to your blog and those points are then converted to cash. The more points you earn, the more money you’ll receive. You can also use Adgitize to advertise your blog on hundreds of other blogs for just $14 for a one month ad.

There are many of ways of earning points with Adgitize. You can earn 100 points for each day you publish a new post on your blog. You can only do this a maximum once per day but if you do it everyday; it’ll really accumulate many points.

You can also earn points for page views and ad views on your blog. The difference is that the ad views count can be higher if you have more than one Adgitize ad on your blog. So if I’ve received 40 page views today, but my ad views count is 80 because I have two Adgitize ads. The max amount of ads you can show is 10. If you have the max 10 ads on your blog, you’d be earning points for every page view, but x10 for ad views. That’s a lot of points!

Another way to earn points is by clicking on the ads of other blogs. If you see an Adgitize widget on someone’s blog - you’ll earn points for clicking on it. For this, you have to be logged in and a member of Adgitize. If you click on all of the available ads, you’ll receive 100 points for that day. It works similar to dropping an Entrecard on someone’s blog.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Entrecard: A Must-have tool for promoting your blog

Entrecard is a useful site and advertising tool for bloggers. Entrecard uses a currency called Entrecredits (ECs) and with ECs you can buy advertising on other sites, get cool stuff from the Entrecard shop, or even sell it for money or cashout by converting your ECs into cash! Earning Entrecard credits is easy and there are plenty of ways to gain Entrecard credits.

The easiest way is to sell advertising on your blog. This method can give you a steady stream of ECs each day. Entrecard takes 50% of what you earn from ads, and the minimum cost for an ad is two ECs. So, you can at least earn 1 EC a day by doing nothing. But, the more people drop on your Entrecard, the more the spot is worth.

Another way is dropping. You earn 1 EC every time someone drops on your Entrecard, and 1 EC every time you drop your card on someone else’s. Although this is a bit time consuming method but it will surely increase the number of your loyal droppers.

Moreover you can earn ECs by organizing contests and using Entrecard credits as prizes. Entrecard has their own Entrecard shop where you can buy and sell items and services in exchange for ECs. You can sell almost anything. A wise thing to sell would be a service, like designing Entrecards.

All in all, Entrecard is a very useful tool to promote your blog/site and a handy way to increase traffic on your blog.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ePaper Catalog: Worldwide Online Newspapers Hub

ePaper Catalog: Worldwide Online Newspapers Hub

If you are looking for e-paper on the net or want to read e-paper from other countries, than is the site for you. It contains the list of online newspapers & e-papers from across the world. In a sense it is worldwide online newspaper hub. It lists more than 320 eEditions from 51 countries in 35 languages.

Newspapers are neatly categorized by countries arranged broadly as Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East and America. You can also find online newspapers based on the language.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

convert all of your written and printed documents into scan-quality digital copies

Qipit - free mobile online copy service is a new online mobile service that lets you use your camera phone or digital camera to make a digital copy of any written or printed document to store, share via email or fax, or publish to the web. Qipit allows you to convert all of your written and printed documents into scan-quality digital copies (in black and white or color) for convenient online storage, without the need of a portable scanner, copier, or cell software. It's easy. All you do is take a picture of notes, a whiteboard or a document with your camera phone or digital camera; send it to qipit as a multimedia message (MMS) from your camera phone, via email or your qipit account; and qipit turns your photo into a clear digital copy, in PDF or JPEG format, that you can store or send to an email or fax number from your cell phone as a multimedia message (MMS) or mobile email, or on your PC via email or your qipit account. You can even publish your qipit copy to the web. Qipit is like a portable scanner, mobile copier, and a mobile fax machine, all in one.

What you can do with Qipit?

  • Turn documents, notes and whiteboards into digital copies (PDFs)
  • Email or fax qipit digital copies via email, your online Qipit account, or right from your phone
  • Store all of your paper documents and notes as digital documents for easy archiving and sharing
  • Tag your qipit documents for easy searching and sorting
  • Publish and share your documents on the web

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Witty & Humourus Status update generator for social networking

If you can’t think of something suitably witty, funny and original for your status on Facebook or Twitter, try .

Simply type your name, indicate whether you are a boy or a girl, then click Generate. You will be served up a brand new, sparkly status all ready to be copied and pasted into Facebook, Twitter or whichever social networking site you prefer. I think its best way of getting rid of boring status updates!

Free Games site especially for kids.

MiniClip is primarily a directory of web games. It is a site where you can play free games.There are a large number of games and they are categorized into sports, action & adventure, puzzle, and shoot em up. Many of these games can also be downloaded for play on your PC. Recently released is a cash prize, Miniclip Tournament section where members can play for money.

Miniclip games most popular titles include Flashman (PacMan variant), Runescape, Bubble Trouble, Miniclip Tetris, and Hamsterball. So if you are looking for some light gaming experience than Miniclip games would suit you. Its quite ideal for small kids.