Sunday, May 24, 2009

Entrecard: A Must-have tool for promoting your blog

Entrecard is a useful site and advertising tool for bloggers. Entrecard uses a currency called Entrecredits (ECs) and with ECs you can buy advertising on other sites, get cool stuff from the Entrecard shop, or even sell it for money or cashout by converting your ECs into cash! Earning Entrecard credits is easy and there are plenty of ways to gain Entrecard credits.

The easiest way is to sell advertising on your blog. This method can give you a steady stream of ECs each day. Entrecard takes 50% of what you earn from ads, and the minimum cost for an ad is two ECs. So, you can at least earn 1 EC a day by doing nothing. But, the more people drop on your Entrecard, the more the spot is worth.

Another way is dropping. You earn 1 EC every time someone drops on your Entrecard, and 1 EC every time you drop your card on someone else’s. Although this is a bit time consuming method but it will surely increase the number of your loyal droppers.

Moreover you can earn ECs by organizing contests and using Entrecard credits as prizes. Entrecard has their own Entrecard shop where you can buy and sell items and services in exchange for ECs. You can sell almost anything. A wise thing to sell would be a service, like designing Entrecards.

All in all, Entrecard is a very useful tool to promote your blog/site and a handy way to increase traffic on your blog.


  1. I stopped using Entrecard when it changed but I am now thinking about starting it again.

    Agitize is excellent!