Sunday, June 8, 2008

Free or Open Source Software Site

The Ultimate Software Index

If you are looking for some free or open source software or just got tired of downloading the trial versions, just go to WWW.WOOOHOO.COM [The Ultimate Software Index] where you can get the list of best free and/or open source softwares on the internet.

Under the heading “Software Menu”on the site various free softwares are categorized into sections such as Anti-virus/Rootkit, Anti-Spyware, Accounting, Codecs, CD/DVD, File compression, Dictionaries, E-mail, Firewall, Graphics, Networking, Office tools etc. Under these sections details as well as the screen-shot of each software is given along with a link to its download page. So go and grab your freeware immediately.

1 comment:

  1. Agreed, this site is nice because it gives you a good sized screen shot of most of the programs along with a paragraph or two description. Then it's got a link to the authors home page and to the download page.

    I sure hope they continue to update the site and keep it current.