Friday, March 28, 2008


Most of us often search for Famous Quotations on the net and we get lots and lots of sites which not so well organized. I know about two sites which I think is not only well organized but also easy to browse.


The First one is a collection of literary quotations from a variety of books. You can browse it according to topics (such as fear, love evil, death), books (such as Hamlet, The Tale of Two Cities), or authors (such as William Blake, P.B. Shelley, Charles Dickens). The design of the site is very traditional and so easy to browse.


Second one is really cool. Here you can browse quotations according to Authors, Topics, Keywords, contributors and in many other ways by just entering in the search box on the site. Moreover, you can also rate the quotes on this site. The site also provides for adding the “Dynamic Daily Quotation” to your site or blog. One can also become a member on this site to get all the benefit of All in all, an ideal bookmark for students and writers.

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